Windy Hill Restorations

Woodworking and Masonry for
Historic Structures

Moving Historic Structures

WHR can locate historic structures to suit the particular needs of a client, handling the purchase, dismantling, re-erection and any necessary, adaptation of the building.  Many different types of 18th and 19th century structures have been documented, disassembled, transported, then re-erected and restored at a new site by the company.   

Houck House from Amsterdam IDA Park  circa 1800. 
House was documented, drawn and the parts numbered before and during work.
House is listed as Eligible for the National Register of Historic Places and was awarded to us
by the NY State Office of Historic Preservation.

Exterior before starting dismantling

Interior of Parlor
Interior of Federal-style Parlor 

Upstairs Hallway showing water damage

Dismantling Rafters

Frame ready to come down

Frame coming down

House is currently in dry storage and will be erected in Herkimer County
 on the site of a  late 18th century farmstead that was abandoned in the 1920's.