Windy Hill Restorations

Woodworking and Masonry for
Historic Structures

House Restoration

Restoring the timber frame of a House is more demanding due to issues of disturbing the occupants, weather, building codes and visibility of any exposed frame members.
    Exact duplication of architectural details is of primary importance and special consideration is given to period methods of construction, historically accurate tool marks and surface finish.  Our craftsmen are experienced in both the use of traditional and modern tools & their applications.  We can repair or design and fabricate any type of interior and exterior historic wooden components including windows, siding, trim, flooring and cupboards

   Re-erection of a circa 1740 house frame from Fonda, NY. 
   Frame was poorly dismantled, documented & stored by others in the 1980's. 
We got the project 20 years later and had to conduct extensive furniture-grade repairs and alterations
as the entire frame was to be visible from the interior.

Replacing the undersized sagging rafters on a circa 1840's house
while retaining original exterior trim

Mansard Style House
Replacing curved rafters, roof deck and rafter support beam

Mansard Style House
Replaced entire back wall
Replacing decayed box gutter and overhang framing and trim

Replication of a 1826 cellar window done in White Oak 
It has mortise & tenon construction.  White Oak is known for resistance to decay and strength.  
We keep a custom cut supply of white oak on hand for projects.




Stone House near Little Falls, NY

 House was vacant for 50+ years and has extensive stone and framing deterioration

Cellar was silted in several feet in depth
The stone walls were actively settling due to poor footings. 
We excavated under the stone walls in sections and installed new reinforced concrete footers to bedrock.

Interior framing of 3 floors was decayed and removed on the right hand side. 
Framing has been replaced to match the original beams and joists. 
This entailed extensive masonry work.
Original trim was documented and removed for later re-installation.


Custom Furniture

Custom cabinet constructed by us from new wood aged to match
existing 1950's kitchen that was built by ancestor of current owner
Made to support large antique butcher block