Windy Hill Restorations

Woodworking and Masonry for
Historic Structures

Historic Masonry

Windy Hill has undertaken a wide range of masonry projects including: stone walls, brick walls, fireplaces & bake ovens.  We are accustomed to matching the stone laying and mortar joints on a project.  The company is proficient at hand cut stonework to duplicate missing elements and utilizes St. Astier Natural Hydraulic Lime for their projects. 
    We are also one of the few companies that will install a poured concrete foundation with a stone or a brick cap under an existing structure.


Stone Hophouse Stone Arabia
                             We rebuilt a large section of wall damaged by vehicle impact.  
             Stones were replaced in original location and mortar was matched to the original, not to the surrounding mismatched mortar. 

Windy Hill Warehouse Fort Plain NY 
During the Flood of 2006

             Newly poured concrete wall with stone cap to replace flood damaged wall

Historic Concrete Block

We are 1 of only 2 Manufacturers of early 20th c. hand-made patterned concrete block in the US and the only company located on the East coast.  We use period machines and molds and can make several different rock faced and panel faced blocks in different sizes.  We also have experimented with custom patterns to match existing blocks you may have.

The following photos are all blocks we can make. 
They are also available in partial sizes & with the ends patterned for corner blocks.

                                                  Two different rockface blocks.                                                  
The upper one is the most common.

A close up of the usual rockface block pattern block


Ashlar Pattern block


Panel Faced Block