Windy Hill Restorations

Woodworking and Masonry for
Historic Structures

Custom Design

    We are experienced in the custom design and replication of historic structures and furnishings.   Often a client wants a particular structure or interior feature that is difficult or impossible to obtain.  We work with clients to design the structure or feature taking into account historical accuracy and its intended use.

Custom designed barn in historic style for horses and equipment
with an attached pottery studio

We designed and built this structure with extensive client imput. 
It  has a traditional timber frame, custom horse stalls and historic style exterior.
The pottery studio has wainscotting, a Dutch door and cherry counters & shelving. 
The majority of the beams and lumber we had custom cut from this site.

View of stable end

View of attached pottery studio

Schuyler Flatts Cultural Park
Menands, NY

Timber Framed Pavilion constructed in the style of an 18th century barn


Open side showing framing

Interior framing detail