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    Windy Hill conducts on-site inspections, detailed architectural investigations and historic research to determine the original appearance of both the interior and exterior of a structure.  Rich Strunk has recently completed the NY State course and exam for Home Inspection and is a Member of the Albany Chapter of NACHI-the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors.  This experience gives him an expanded knowledge base to consult on your project. If you are looking at a property that has barns on it you should know that it is not part of the 'Standards of Practice' for home inspectors to inspect the barns.  In fact; most home inspectors do not have the knowledge or will to inspect older homes and outbuildings.  Rich has this knowledge others are lacking and can give you an accurate honest assessment of the structures.
    We are familiar with both the Federal & NY State
review processes that Grant applicants, National Register Listed and other historic/museum sites must undergo.  We can provide a written report outlining restoration plans for those sites requiring such data to be submitted in order to receive their funding.      
    We often conduct emergency stabilization to a structure until funding is available to begin repairs, then we can prioritize the phases of a project to break it down into financially feasible segments.  We are able to manage all phases of the project; from the foundation to the roof ensuring that all of the work meets both the client’s standards and ours.

This is a sample of a barn consulting/inspection contract

Barn Consultation Contract


Your Name                                                                                                                                            2011


Scope of Work


Examine the following components of the barn in detail:









Examination will be conducted with client present

We will discuss the existing conditions, repair priorities and options

We will also discuss how the barn can best be restored/altered for the client’s desired usage


A written report of our discussions will be sent electronically to client within 5 business days.


Cost of consultation is $2-500 to be paid upon arrival onsite

Price depends on complexity of project and travel distance